Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage, officially known as Namikoshi Shiatsu Ryouhou, named after Its founder Mr. Tokujiro Namikoshi. During a Shiatsu massage, the Shiatsu practitioner treats patients by using various types of pressure techniques that utilize fingers, palms andt humbs.
Depending on the patient’s condition, he adjusts the depth and the length of the pressure of his techniques accordingly.
This in turn maximizes the effectiveness of the Shiatsu therapy.



Shiatsu Sessions

We currently have 3 Nordic Shiatsu Centre (NSC) Shiatsu Sessions to best suit your needs: 80-minute, 50-minute and 20-minute sessions.

Shiatsu For Professionals 115€ – 80-minute

Shiatsu For Recovery 85€ – 50-minute

Shiatsu For Relief & Relaxation 45€ – 20-minute

Mr. Shiatsu’s tip: “Regularity of Shiatsu sessions is the key to enhancing your health and wellness. Therefore, I recommended that you have one Shiatsu session every 1-3 weeks.

For booking a NSC Shiatsu Session contact us directly via, by telephone +358 41 5344925.